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    In addition to the Web Services Support team, which assists you in managing your website, eFlorist also offers additional guidance through our Marketing Support team.

    Our Marketing Support team is designed to help you maximize your eFlorist site performance, and help grow your shop’s online orders. Our team of dedicated eMarketing Counselors is available to guide you through your digital marketing efforts, and coach you on best practices and tactics. Need help ranking better in Google? We can help. Need assistance with Google Analytics or a Facebook Pixel? We can help.

    Best of all, access to our team is included in your eFlorist membership. We are available to schedule one-on-one consultations as often as you need and at your convenience. Book a consultation with one of our eMarketing Counselors today and learn how eFlorist eMarketing can help you!

    In addition to sharing best practices, our team is also available to introduce you to Teleflora’s digital marketing programs such as Online Search Marketing, Yelp premium profiles, Search Optimizer, Review Management, and our complimentary promotional Email Program. All of these services are designed to increase your online presence.

    Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. However, if you prefer to take your time in reviewing these services, please visit one our services pages below. You’ll find helpful resources and FAQs to show how eFlorist’s digital marketing programs can help you grow your online orders.

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