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  • Lesson 1: Getting Started – Design Basics 
    Here you'll find the first steps toward designing today's most popular sympathy tribute pieces. This is a great starting place for skilled designers learning tribute work.  


      Vase Arrangement
    To begin an opaque vase arrangement, fill the container with water soaked floral foam and cross-tape it in place with waterproof bowl tape. Trim the corners to reduce the bulk of the foam base. Add water to the vessel.  


       Funeral Basket
    Prepare the base by placing two blocks of floral foam in the waterproof liner and taping them in place. Add water to the container.
     sympathy_couch    Half-Couch Casket Spray
    Begin construction by preparing the half-couch casket saddle base. Soak a block of floral foam and place in casket spray holder base. Cut a piece of chicken wire and place over the block for extra security. Secure the block and chicken wire by taping over the top of the wire and foam block.
    sympathy_easel   Easel Spray
    Soak the fresh flower foam spray bar in water. Allow the spray bar to "free float", soaking at its own pace. Insert cut foliage around the perimeter of the spray to form the oval shape.


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