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  • The Dove Network®  

    • Largest communications network with 15,000+ members and best coverage in the industry.
    • More orders are sent over Dove than any other system.
    • Orders can be sent and received 24 hours a day. 

    The Dove Network has rapidly grown to over 15,000 shops and is by far the fastest growing, most reliable and cost-efficient system in the industry. There is no better way to create a permanent record of every order and also have them automatically reported for reimbursement. And sending orders over the Dove Network is always FREE.

    Connect your shop today to the Dove Network with DovePlus!

    Email | 800.720.9410 | Upgrade Request Form 

    DovePlus is Internet-based technology trusted by thousands of florists like you every day that gives your shop freedom from phone and paper orders. Instead of software stored on your computer, DovePlus is accessed via your high-speed internet connection, at That means orders are sent and received over your high-speed internet connection instead of the phone line. You'll be able to send and receive orders faster using the same basic functionality, while accessing a host of new high tech advantages!

    • Over 4,500 florists use DovePlus everyday
    • Stable web program, frequently updated to improve performance and add new features
    • Directory updates are automatic, so your shop will no longer need to install quarterly Directory CDs
    • Helpful training tutorials online at, allowing you and your staff to train at any time!


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