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    MyTeleflora is the online resource for florists who are members of the Teleflora network is the online resource for the 15,000 florists who comprise the Teleflora network as well as new florists who may be looking for support and resources to grow their business. MyTeleflora is a one-stop resource for marketing, merchandising, technology and floral education.  We are dedicated to creating sales for floral business entrepreneurs and work hand in hand with our member florists to grow their business profitably and sustainably. gives our florists access to member services such as:

    ·        Shopping for fresh cut flowers

    ·        Magazine subscriptions

    ·        Advertising and PR tools

    ·        Numerous marketing kits and pieces

    ·        Online design tutorials to keep abreast of changes in floral trends

    ·        Sign-ups for floral design classes held at our Oklahoma Education Center

    ·        Unit Programs across the US that hold local floral events and offer education scholarships to local florists

    ·        Information about point-of-sale technologies and credit card service

    ·        Online technologies, such as hosted websites and email programs

    Teleflora strongly supports the growth of our local member florists through a wide variety of resources, products and services that compliment and improve upon your flower shop and the quality of service you offer your customers. Let us show you how we can help you grow your floral business!

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