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    Yelp is a mobile app and website that connects people with great local businesses. 

    Yelp Button  More orders – an average florist could generate 3-7 additional orders per month 
    Yelp Button  More engagement – More clicks to your website, mobile phone calls, and clicks to find directions to your shop! 
    Yelp Button  More content and better Search Engine Optimization 

    A Yelp premium profile can drive great results for the average florist and even better results for florists with high Yelp user engagement! We are officially partnered with Yelp to offer all our members a chance to improve your local customer reach. Call us to find out how you can drive sales and also save on a Yelp premium Profile!

    Once signed up, we will help you set up and manage your profile. The eFlorist team will upload information about your shop, a link to your website, and images of non-codified products to your profile. eMarketing Counselors are here to support you, call 866.983.3932.

    What’s the benefit of claiming a Yelp page?
    Claiming your Yelp page allows you to view in-depth analytics regarding your Yelp page. You’re also able to ensure that all your shop’s information is correct, and you can respond to reviews.

    If claiming a Yelp page is free, why would I want to pay for it?
    Leveraging a premium Yelp page can connect you to advanced analytics, curation features, and conversion tools. For example, you can see the gender and age of someone who recently clicked on your Yelp’s website link. You can also curate your photo gallery, so that your photos show up before user-generated images, giving you more control of your brand. You also gain the option to add a call-to-action button to your profile, resulting in more website clicks or phone calls for your business.

    I have a bad review on my Yelp page. What should I do?
    It’s recommended that you reply to every review in a timely manner and that you never leave a review unanswered. Respond to your reviews, even when negative, shows your customer that you value their business and their feedback. If a review or feedback is negative, make sure to leave a response committing to address the situation and make it right. Always attempt to take the public conversation private, and let them know that you’ll reach out to them. After correcting the issue(s) to the best of your ability, don’t be afraid to ask if the customer will update their review to reflect the positive solution to their original issue.

    Why should I care about my reviews on Yelp?
    Millions of people every day turn to customer-generated business reviews as part of their decision-making process. Committing time to cultivate positive reviews, and being intentional in addressing any negative reviews, will help ensure that your shop and your brand are both viewed favorably online.

    I didn’t consent to have a Yelp page, so why is my information on there?
    Yelp, like many online platforms, is mostly user-generated with publically available information. This means anyone can use the platform to create pages or change information about a shop to help other Yelp users. You may even have a Yelp page without knowing it!

    It’s essential that your business’ page is under your control; this ensures that your business’ information is accurate and isn’t changed without your consent.

    I don’t have a Yelp page. Can I still sign-up for premium Yelp?
    Absolutely! If you don’t have a Yelp page already, you’ll automatically have one built when you sign up through Teleflora. If you do have a Yelp page, it will automatically be upgraded when you sign up with a Yelp Premium Profile through Teleflora eFlorist.

    I already pay for Yelp directly through another provider. Why should I go through Teleflora instead?
    Through an exclusive partnership, Teleflora can provide you access to Yelp’s premium features at a lower cost than many other providers. You'll also have the benefit of sharing access to your page with Teleflora eFlorist, allowing our eMarketing Counselors to assist you directly should you need assistance changing or updating your Yelp page.

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