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    *Currently open to US shops.

    The Online Search Marketing Program (OSM) is an easy, affordable way to reach online shoppers seeking local services. OSM is a full-service paid search advertising program that creates and manages ads promoting your eFlorist website efficiently and effectively to save you both time and money. Shop ads are placed on Google's search results page, where nearly 3 billion searches for local goods and services are conducted every month. That's a lot of potential new customers!

    We’ve tested paid search ads in a number of markets, both large and small, and found that they increased the number of online and phone orders significantly across all markets. Even for shops that rank highly in organic search results, paid search ads provide an extra boost in orders.  

    Here are just a few of the benefits of the Online Search Marketing Program:

    • No need to research and shop around for the best vendor: Teleflora knows how to run successful floral paid search campaigns and is sharing its expertise with member shops.
    • Track your campaign performance using eSAT.
    • Program enrollment includes support from our Online Search Specialists, who can help explain and improve your shop’s campaigns.
    • Orders from paid search ads are 100% orders, because they go through your website or phone.
    • Fees are a fraction of what you would pay a vendor for comparable services. 
    • Participating shops have seen increased web and phone orders within the first month.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I benefit from Online Search Marketing (OSM)?
    According to Google, for every $1 spent on Google Ads, businesses earn an average of $2 in revenue. With online Search Marketing, your business can take advantage of search engine advertising on Google and/or Bing. In fact, 46% of users can't easily tell the difference between organic listings and paid ads.

    Online Search Marketing is an excellent way for any shop to jump to the top of search results when customers are searching with intent to make a purchase, allowing you to capture website traffic and phone calls that lead to more orders.

    I already rank well in Google Search Results, do I really need to pay for Google Ads?
    Absolutely! Even though your site might be ranking well organic in Google or Bing, studies have shown that more users click to a website or call a business when they see their listing in both Google Ads and organic listings.

    Running an online search marketing campaign also helps protect your brand, and your customers, from the competition. Including your brand name, and other branded keywords in to your OSM campaign, makes it more difficult for competitors to target customers searching for your business.

    How does Online Search Marketing work?
    Google and Bing's online search advertising programs works like an auction, where search engines take bids in real-time to determine whether your ad will show up in that search result, and if so, where it will be placed. Once an ad is shown in a search result, your ad budget is only charged when someone clicks on your ad.

    What makes eFlorist's Online Search Marketing program different?
    The eFlorist OSM program uses the power of collective marketing data to drive orders to your eFlorist website. By using the data collected through thousands of online search campaigns, eFlorist can leverage that data into optimized campaigns for florists of any size. Since we only work with our Teleflora eFlorist shops, you can tailor your campaign depending on the season or upcoming holiday, so it perfectly compliments your eFlorist website and other digital marketing campaigns.

    Can I customize my OSM campaign?
    There are many practical ways that we recommend as a way to customize your OSM campaign. Here are a few of our recommendations.

    • Offer Discounts- Users gravitate to ads that offer a promotion or special, whether it be a fixed dollar or percent-value discount. And by setting up your promo-code in eSAT, not only can the discount be automatically applied for your customer when they click, but you can also track how many customers took advantage of that promotion. Plus, your customers will see a coupon banner on your site during their shopping experience, encouraging them to complete the checkout process.
    • Extend Target Locations- Reach users anywhere you deliver. While it may be difficult to show up in organic listings outside your city, OSM also you to extend your ads outside your immediate proximity. If you have specific cities or zip codes you'd like to add to your ad targeting, we can add those to your campaign. We can even target based on a custom radius or area. But be advised, you can only advertise within your shop's local delivery area.

    While we try to customize your campaign whenever possible, our OSM program is designed to be a full-service management offering, using the foundation of our thousands of campaigns to send traffic to your website. As such, we make periodic changes based on trends and other data signals to optimize your campaign and maximize ROI.

    Why do I see a different phone number on my website after clicking on my OSM ad?
    When a user clicks on your ad, we dynamically swap the phone number on your site for tracking purposes. This number will always forward along to your designated phone number, so you will never miss a call. This phone number will remain tied to your shop, and only your shop, even if you cancel the program.

    Call tracking for our OSM ads is required and provided at no additional cost. This gives us and you a better picture of the success of your campaign, and is needed for tracking and analytics.

    Why can't I always see my ads?
    There are numerous reasons why you might not see your ad at a specific moment. Causes can include competitors out-bidding you for specific keywords or searching outside your targeted areas. Most commonly, a failure to see ads stems from an exhausted or expended daily budget.

    Please do not click on your own ads when you see them appear in Google’s search results. Clicking on your ads for your business, and not following through with a purchase, can send negative signals to Google that can adversely affect your OSM campaign. Plus, it costs you money each time you click.

    Can I increase my monthly ad budget?
    Or course! With OSM, your advertising potential is only capped by the amount of available search traffic in your area. Our eMarketing Counselors are always happy to discuss any campaign restrictions due to budget. Our initial OSM cost is only a starting point for your OSM campaign and can be increased at any time. If you want to increase your OSM budget, we do require the increase to be a minimum of $50.

    Why should I increase my OSM budget?
    Increasing your OSM budget can help your campaign in a variety of ways. Additional budget for your OSM campaign can improve the placement of your ads, as well as increase the number of times your ad can be shown. Online Search Marketing is a numbers game, so it essential that your ad is showing as often and as high up in the ad placements as possible. Remember, you're budget is only charged when someone clicks on your ad and lands on your website. If someone is not clicking on your ad, your budget is not charged, giving you a free advertisement that reinforces your business' brand.

    Where can I track the performance of my OSM?
    Full reporting for your Online Search Marketing performance can be found by logging into Additionally, there are OSM-related reports in eSAT. Simply log in to eSAT and look for the "Reporting" tab. Under "Reporting" you'll find reports on Online Search Marketing, orders by source codes, promotion code usage, and more. All these reports can be used to track the success of your OSM and other marketing campaigns.

    Please note, OSM orders will show on the source code report under the "ps_osm" source code.

    What is my username and password for the OSM dashboard?
    We included your username and password in your "Welcome to OSM email.” To change your default password, click the "Don't remember your password?" option on the login page, and it will lead you through the recovery process. If you need to change the email address used for logging in, please call or live chat eFlorist eMarketing, and we can assist you.

    To contact our Online Search Specialists, call us at 800.453.6502 or email us at
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