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    Teleflora will save you money!

       • Fantastic rates on all major credit cards
       • Low rates for swiped or keyed transaction,
          including American Express and Discover
       • Convenient gift card solutions available
       • Dedicated service and technical support

    Convenient funding options designed to specifically
    meet your shop’s cash flow needs.

    Choose from:
       • Direct deposit in as soon as the next day
       • Payment by check
       • Application of funds to your Clearinghouse account

    Instead of paying a monthly leasing fee with a bank, you own your own terminal!

    No hidden fees, no contract cancellation fees, no hassles 

    Teleflora Credit Card Processing Service offers competitive low rates whether the card is swiped or keyed through your terminal transactions!

    NO Annual Fee 

    NO Fee per Voice Authorization

    NO Fee per Retrieval

    NO Contract Cancellation Fees

    NO Monthly Minimum Discount

    NO Fee per ACH Deposit

    NO Fee to Change Banks

    The simple and affordable way to clear your credit cards!

    Teleflora’s Standard Program simplifies credit card processing by offering straightforward plans featuring low, fixed rates on all major credit cards.  And like all our plans, there are no hidden fees or obligations.  Just great rates and great customer service.

    Clear-cut competitive rates

    Teleflora rates beat other "low rate" programs. Local bank and national processors may promise you low rates, but beware of the fine print. Higher rates often apply to keyed transactions. Teleflora offers one low rate for both swiped and keyed transactions.

    Enjoy convenient payment options

    Teleflora offers a variety of funding options designed to specifically meet your cash flow needs. Choose from daily direct deposits, semi-monthly payment by check or application of funds to your Clearinghouse account.

    Own your own equipment


    Teleflora offers state-of-the-art credit card terminals and point-of-sale systems developed especially for florists. And unlike other companies, with our low monthly payment plans and incentive programs, you have the ability to purchase and own your own equipment.

    To learn more about our Verifone Vx570, click here.

    Prices, quoted in US funds, are subject to change without notice. Sales tax and shipping charges, when applicable, are not included.


    Teleflora now accepts PayPal transactions. For more information click here.

    Experience dedicated customer service

    Our staff of professional credit card representatives is available 6 days a week to address your processing and/or technical questions. And unlike local banks and national processors, Teleflora’s credit card representatives intimately understand the florists’ questions and concerns.

    Gift Cards

    Teleflora is pleased to offer a new gift card solution to our member florists.  Designed to operate on the Vx570 credit card terminal, the program is easy to use and available to any florist processing their credit cards with Teleflora.  To learn more about our gift card solution, click here.


    Questions? Call your local TSM or 800.421.2815 for more information on Teleflora's New Credit Card Program.

    Ready to sign-up? Find your Teleflora Credit Card Plan and read the  Credit Card Service Agreement here.

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