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  •  Open Around-the-Clock 

    • Never miss another order. No more late night hang-ups, No more lost business. It's like having an extra employee without paying the extra salary! Never lose a loyal customer to a yellow pages advertiser because you are closed or unable to answer the phone. Teleflora's 24 Hour Flowers phone service offers the highest answering standards in the industry, providing LIVE phone coverage by trained floral sales consultants who know YOUR business.
    • We take calls anytime, while running a delivery or during the busiest holiday peaks, you have more time to run your business. Early mornings, during lunch and evenings - you decide when 24 Hour Flowers goes to work for you!
    • It is like having an extra employee, ready in a moments notice, any time, and any day. What would you pay to instantly have a professional floral person answer your phone just as if they were there in your shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
    • And you'll never have to increase your staff during the holidays!

    Unparalleled Customer Support 

    • Your Customers will reach a LIVE representative anytime, day or night.
    • We have chosen consultants who are naturally people-friendly and courteous and we have instituted a rigorous new training program to keep you and your customers 100% satisfied with their experience.
    • These agents know your current specials and offerings and know how to offer sales suggestions or profitable add-on gifts to help increase average order size.
    • The service maintains the highest support levels, even during the busiest holidays!

    Easy to use & Customizable 

    • You specify and customize the greeting for your shop. Our experts will answer the phone the way YOU want! And best of all, you can change it anytime and as often as you wish.
    • Orders and messages come to you over the Dove Network - the industry's most reliable order transmission system.
    • We use the web to manage your promotions and pricing and can even pick-up your current eFlorist settings to avoid more work for you.
    • Our agents will help you set-up and establish a unique phone number where your calls are forwarded.

    Additional Benefits 

    • Use 24 Hour Flowers to generate new customers and increase sales
    • Decrease shop costs by reducing staff and hours
    • Compete with National internet sites and order gatherers, fight back by being open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
    • Increase productivity and efficiency in the shop by having a professional floral person answer your phone anytime you need it.


    Current Offer                          
    20% per order
    $1.75 per message
    $49.95 monthly fee*

     *$49.95 monthly fee is waived with auto call forwarding.

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    Cancellation Process

    Month Cancellation Deadline
    January, February, March, April April 20th
    May, June, July, August August 20th
    September, October, November, December   December 20th

     *Unless a cancellation is received, the member will be auto enrolled into the next cycle. 

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