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  • Lesson 1: An Introduction to Color 
    Color has a profound impact on our lives. Color is a spiritual process. A world without color would be dull, joyless and without vital meaning. When we want to describe an idea, we realize that our language is filled with color word pictures. We use color to express what we see, feel or want.
    Nowhere is an understanding of color more essential than in the world of floral design; yet many floral artists have never formally studied color theory. For them, color placement, proportion and selection is instinctive. A person with good "color sense" usually has a well-developed ability to observe their surroundings. The intrinsic beauty of natural materials challenges us to combine them to create themes, feelings and emotions. This course explores the connection that exists between flowers, color, emotion and life.
    Although color theory is important in developing a full understanding of the emotional impact of color – "Living Color" is not just a textbook lesson on color harmonies. It is rather an opportunity for you to observe, feel, experience and enjoy color for its visually stimulating quality and its deep connection to your creative spirit.
    What This Course will Teach You
    This course will teach you basic color terminology; understanding the color wheel; professional application of color; color harmonies; and how colors will help you express emotions.



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