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    MAY 2014

    First and foremost, flower fashions are all about the fresh product you select. Knowing what’s available and on-trend from quality-conscious suppliers makes all the difference in setting your shop apart from the competition.
    On the cover

    Premium roses and two kinds of hydrangea from Ecuador are displayed to advantage in a mottled glass vase with a wavy rim that perfectly suits the color scheme of this extravagant bouquet. For more on this design, see the caption on page 48. For more designs by Bert Ford AIFD, PFCI featuring special flowers and foliage, see pages 26-49.
    May Spotlights

     Shop Profile: Howard Brothers Florist, Oklahoma City 
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    Merchandising with fresh flowers 
    With a spacious showroom, the staff at Howard Brothers is able to create displays that are both abundant and uncluttered. Although the shop does make use of silks and decorative accessories in display (“And of course everything is for sale,” says Lester Howard), the focus is squarely on fresh flowers, which are featured on the showroom floor, not just in the cooler. “My dad used to say, we can’t expect customers to buy and use flowers if we don’t do it ourselves,” says Lester.
    Company Profile: Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits 
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    Are you covered? 
    Our profile of the company known as the floral industry’s insurance expert includes a list of special considerations for florists—tips that are often overlooked when it comes to insurance. (Check out the full story for more on these points!) Among them:
    • Many florists underestimate the value of their inventory. This task is made the more difficult because that value can rise and fall during the year, depending on what you have in stock for holidays. The good news is, coverage can be raised for specific periods.
    • If you hire free-lance delivery drivers with their own vehicles, and one of them gets into an accident, are you liable for any property damage or medical expenses? The short answer is yes.
    • Check your lease agreement. The trend is for landlords to write savvy lease contracts that require tenants to have insurance with high liability limits.
    • An umbrella policy can be a cost-efficient way to increase limits on all your various types of insurance, without incurring separate costs on each one.

    Featured Article Highlights

    Show & Tell 
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    Just picked 
    For a country, wildflower look, nothing beats matricaria, related to chamomile and feverfew. Blending beautifully together, daisy and button matricaria also combine nicely with Strong Gold tulips, the perfect summery bouquet in a brown ceramic jug. Both tulips and matricaria are from Sun Valley Floral Farms. 
    Floral design by Bert Ford AIFD, PFCI. 
    The Flower Trends Roundup 
    floral magazine   
    Blameless and beautiful 
    If you’re one of those people who have always confused solidago (a.k.a. goldenrod) with ragweed—which flowers at around the same time and is a primary culprit in causing hay fever—think again. Solidago bears a non-allergenic pollen that is too heavy to be blown about; it therefore must rely on its bright and hardy flowers to attract pollinating insects. Now Danziger—the breeders responsible for Million Star gypsophila—have come up with Golden Glory™, a new, prize-winning variety of solidago likely to turn heads, especially at Eastertime or paired with sunflowers in summer or fall. 
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