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    The beautiful magazine for professional florists.

             The January issue of Flowers&
            includes the 2015 Trends report.
    MARCH 2015

    As Mother’s Day and prom season approach, get ready to impress customers and recipients with your style savvy and out-of-the-box creativity!
    On the cover
    As an ingenious way of adding premium flowers to a graceful but narrow-necked vase—a gift in itself—Tom Simmons AIFD placed some of the flowers in water tubes, attached to the vase with powerful magnets. He secured tiny magnets to the vase with UGlu, then placed a second magnet just inside the top of each water tube. For more Mother’s Day ideas from Tom, see “How Special Is She?” in this issue.
    March Spotlights

     Focus On Design How-To Video 
    A design grid with wire spheres

    Click here to see the techniques and ideas presented in this month’s Focus on Design in video format!

    Floral design by Rich Salvaggio AIFD, AAF, PFCI 

    Flower Tales 
    floral magazine 

    Just as the Greek god Proteus was able to assume any form he wished, so flowers in the protea family come in many different shapes and sizes. In this month’s Flower Tales we tell the story of the god (also known as “the Old Man of the Sea”) and the flower family (one of the oldest on the planet)—illustrated with a pair of designs that makes the most of proteas’ diversity and compatibility, combining queen and king proteas with smaller minks and pincushions in natural willow containers.

    Floral design by Tom Bowling AIFD, PFCI 

    Featured Article Highlights

    How Special Is She? 
    floral magazine   
    Out of the box 
    The Vintage Crate from Accent Décor comes with 12 individual clay pots that can be filled with wet foam, then with flowers, herbs, ivy and fern fronds. The crate makes a lovely display that can also be disassembled, if the recipient so desires, and the pots scattered about the kitchen or the house.

    Floral design by Tom Simmons AIFD  

    Picture Perfect 
    floral magazine   
    Sophisticated braids 
    This wrist corsage is designed to accompany a hair wreath (shown on page 46). Both incorporate wire-wrapped, braided raffia—beautiful on its own, and the perfect complement to a braided hairstyle. On the wrist corsage, the braided raffia adds reinforcement to either side of a bracelet made with raw muslin and three lengths of gold flat wire. Susie turned each piece of gold flat wire in at the ends and shaped it into a semicircle; she glued the wires to the raw muslin, one along each edge and one in the middle, to make a flexible bracelet. After edging the bracelet with the braided raffia, she glued flowers directly to the muslin with floral adhesive.

    Floral design by Susan Ayala AIFD, PFCI 
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