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    JUNE 2015

    Looking for ideas to boost your everyday and party business? It’s all here in the June Buyers’ Guide issue of Flowers&—along with product listings and a host of links to online suppliers. It’s fully searchable and and remains available on our website year-round!
    On the cover
    Loops of lily grass add extra zing to the bright colors and playful geometry of this upbeat centerpiece—guaranteed to make partygoers smile. At the end of the party, the lily grass can be removed and the individual, replaceable glass cubes given away to guests. For more party designs by Gerard Toh AIFD, CCF, see “In the Mood,” pages 24-44.
    May Spotlights

     Focus On Design How-To Video 
    A garden hedge with a contemporary twist

    Click here to see the techniques and ideas presented in this month’s Focus on Design in video format!

    Floral design by Rich Salvaggio AIFD, AAF, PFCI 

    Design Tech: How to Wire and Tape Gerbera Stems 
    floral magazine 

    Click here for a step by step with photos, demonstrating a technique that can be used to help make gerbera flowers face the way you want them to.

    Floral design by Cindy Tole 

    Featured Article Highlights

    In the Mood 
    floral magazine   
    Click here to find out how to make this “Red Hot” party design, in segments that can be transported separately, then assembled on site.

    Floral design by Gerard Toh AIFD, CCF 

    Everyday Extraordinary
    floral magazine   
    Click here for details on this and 13 more stunning everyday arrangements featuring creative techniques with foliage.

    Floral design by Tom Bowling AIFD, PFCI, with leaf techniques by Helen Miller AIFD, CF, CAFA 

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     Accent Décor, Inc.    American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD)          Garcia Group Glass / A Division of the Garcia Group

     Wm F. Puckett, Inc.  The Sun Valley Group     Smithers-Oasis

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