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       Bonus Distribution | Advertising Rates | Advertising Materials 

    Bonus Distribution 

    Flowers& is widely distributed at floral and gift industry events, including Teleflora unit programs all across the country. The following events are of special note (dates may vary):

    Atlanta International Gift Market, Dallas Holiday and Home Expo, AIFD National Symposium, SAF Convention, OFA Short Course, Southern Retail, International Freeze-Dry Floral Association, Northeast Floral Expo, Great Lakes Floral Expo, Atlanta International Gift Market, Super Floral Show, California Floral Convention, Texas State Florists’ convention, California Gift Show, Ozark Florists Association, Michigan Floral Association, and more national and regional trade shows.  


    Advertising Rates 

    Display Advertising Rates  

    Four Color 

    Full Page $2430 $2275 $2100 $1900
    2/3 Page 2020 1915 1785 1615
    1/2 Page 1510 1435 1370 1210
    1/3 Page 945 900 855 815
    1/4 Page 750 725 695 630
    1/6 Page 525 500 480 400
    1/8 Page 450 400 330 280

    Frequency rates are based on the number of issues used within a twelve-month period, not necessarily the calendar year.

    Black & White 

    Full Page $1475 $1375 $1275 $1140
    2/3 Page 1135 1915 1785 1615
    1/2 Page 835 780 700 570
    1/3 Page 520 480 440 395
    1/4 Page 480 440 420 380
    1/6 Page 310 280 250 215
    1/8 Page 300 260 220 180

    Classified Advertising RatesSpace is available in 1", 2", 2-1/2" and 3" by one column width (2-1/4"), black and white. For 4-color, add 25% to black and white rate.

    3 x 2 1/4" $145/issue $130/issue $110/issue
    2 1/2 x 2 1/4" 120 110 100
    2 x 2 1/4" 100 90 80
    1 x 2 1/4" 55 45 40

    Cover Rates (Non-Cancelable) 

    Second (4-color included) $3610 $3500 $3250 $2865
    Third (4-color included) 3610 3500 3250 2865
    Fourth (4-color included) 3805 3600 3305 3035

    Specified Position: Flowers& will make every attempt to accommodate position requests. Contact the Advertising Department for availability.

    Website Advertising Rates 
    Banner Ads, $150/month 

    Production and Design Charges
    Production and/or design charges may apply, depending on how advertising materials are supplied. For more information, see the Advertising Materials information section or call 800.321.2665.

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    What we need when you send us an ad:

    Most advertising materials arrive at Flowers& as digital files. We operate in an all Macintosh environment and prefer that your files are readable by a Mac. We can, in special cases, accept PC files, but please check with us first.  Also, please send a color proof or other hardcopy preview. Without a color proof (matchprint), we are unable to control the color quality of the printed ad.

    In general, we are able to give you the best service when your ad arrives as a PDF (CMYK and with fonts embedded).

    • Image files: Please send only hi-res images (at least 300 dpi), in EPS or TIFF format. The color mode should be CMYK rather than RGB.
    • Layout files: We prefer that you submit your ad as a TIFF image or PDF file. This reduces errors caused by fonts. We will, however, accept Quark Xpress or Illustrator files. If creating a PDF file, please be sure to embed all fonts and images. If using Quark, please be sure to include all fonts and images. If using Illustrator, please convert all fonts to outlines.
    • Compressed files: Please use Stuffit Deluxe for compressing files to send via email. Please be sure to make the file “self-extracting.”
    • Production charges may apply if changes to your ad are requested or required. For example, a $25 charge applies to any four-color change from previously supplied materials.

    For general information about advertising in Flowers& or to reserve space, call 800.421.4921. For information about advertising materials and deadlines, call Elinor Cohen at 800.321.2665.

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