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    Book free, dedicated time with an eMarketing Counselor to discuss topics like these:

    New to eFlorist Marketing
    Welcome to your new eFlorist site. Our team is here to help you navigate your resources and give you the best head start to marketing your new site. Build traffic and create stronger conversion rates with helpful marketing best practices.

    Social Media Marketing Consult
    Social media offers small businesses a cost-effective way to reach their customers. With so many different social media platforms, it can be overwhelming to navigate. Let us show you how best to capitalize on this free marketing option.

    Search Ranking (SEO)
    Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine, i.e. Google.

    Google Stats
    Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. We can assist you in walking through your google analytics dashboard, search console and any other analytics questions you might have.

    Google Paid Search (OSM)
    The Online Search Marketing Program is an easy, affordable way to reach your online consumers. This paid advertising service is a partnership with Google Adwords. We'll review what to expect, view your reporting and answer any questions you may have.

    Google Business Listing Assist
    Assistance with setting up and/or editing your Google Business Listing. We can guide you through the initial process of setting up a google business listing or we can assist with transferring/editing an existing listing.

    Yext - On-boarding / Questions
    Yext is a powerful search optimizer and review management tool that we offer to help you leverage your business with your consumers. Whether you have questions, just getting started or need to make an edit - we can help.

    Year- Around Holiday Marketing
    We are here to assist you in marketing your site throughout the year with every holiday along the way. Reach your customers when it matters most. with our marketing kits and guidance.

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    Here's what our customers are saying:


    Marketing Info

    Thank You Djan for your patience and helping me understand more of setting up promotion in preparation for Mother's Day & the importance of Social media.

    Mar 13, 2019


    Very Helpful

    Very helpful with assisting me to advance my web marketing skills and motivating me to do more. No money required, which is amazing.

    Nov 10, 2018



    It was a pleasure to talk to John. He is very knowledgeable and had several suggestions for me concerning our website. Look forward to working with him again.

    Aug 13, 2018


    Eflorist market support

    The staff at the Eflorist market team was extremely helpful and their guidance really helped us correct and start our more improved website. Thank you so much for them.

    Aug 11, 2018


    OSM Schroeder's Flowers

    Jen was very informative and helpful in explaining how Schroeder's Flowers could increase their online marketing share. Very informative about Teleflora eFlorist Marketing and what needs to be accomplished in order to increase our share and exposure. Several good suggestions which we are implimenting and looking forward to going over our reports.

    Jul 26, 2018


    Knowledgeable support once I got the right person

    I was on the phone with customer support for a while, transferred from one rep to the other. No one could tell me what services were covered under the Marketing & Advertising section of my bill. Finally someone said I could make an appt with someone in marketing. I was annoyed that I couldn't talk to anyone right then. The next day during the call, Mktg Support person did answer my questions thoroughly and cheerfully. Thanks for that, Jennifer!

    Feb 22, 2018



    Thank you for making the setup a smooth experience, We really like our e-florist very much. I can't wait to start receiving orders. Thank you once again!!

    Oct 31, 2017



    Spoke with Graham about marketing tips. He was full of great ideas and suggestions of what to change to make my shop more visible online and make my website new looking. Definitely went above and beyond.

    Sep 18, 2017



    Jennifer was an outstanding source and used all her experience to help solve a very challenging and unusual problem. I don't know yet if the problem will be solved but I am confident she did what she could.

    Sep 7, 2017


    WEB - SEO Call

    Very valuable hour! We finished our call and immediately began implementing ideas and suggestions. Looking forward to continued improvements. Great Job J.Cook!

    Aug 19, 2017



    Graham was helpful and had a lot of good information. He has advised he will be sending some info to get my websites functional. I did leave a message for him today and he promptly replied by email. He was clear, articulate and I felt went over and above the usual service one typically receives.

    Aug 15, 2017


    Eflorist Folks Are Great!

    Super friendly, quick with their response and very knowledgeable. Great group of folks. Only drawback is the lack of knowing when the web conversion will actually take place. The vagueness of the actual conversion timing is a little bit of a bummer.

    Aug 8, 2017


    J. Cooper review

    J. Cooper was very knowledgeable and very helpful in explaining the OSM reports and things he and I could do to update my website to increase traffic and visibility. I was very pleased and impressed. Thank you J. Cooper.

    Aug 7, 2017


    eflorist marketing support

    Graham was very helpful and informative to bring my e-florist website up date and make it more user friendly and appealing.

    Jun 27, 2017



    I have been working with Graham for almost 2 years now and he has taught me so much and given me the tools to make a difference with my website

    Jun 20, 2017


    Teleflora Support is great!

    I'm really looking forward to all Teleflora has to offer my new business. Although I'm not new to this industry technology has come a long way and I plan on using it to help my business grow and prosper.

    Apr 11, 2017



    John Called on time, with a most professional yet human manor. He realized quickly, that he was conversing with an artist not a "tech y" ~ Simply kept the conversation and sharing of information in a non complicate and non judgemental zone. I don't know john and live nowhere near Oklahoma... yet i strongly feel that i would like to meet for lunch and say "thank you". Our little shop, in the quaint village of New Milford will most definitely benefit from the hour that we spent with john.

    Apr 4, 2017


    Very Fast!

    Graham was great! He was very thorough and any changes we wanted done were made quickly. He explained different ways to present our website and market it to its full potential. I was very pleased with everything he did for us.

    Mar 27, 2017



    Everyone at E Marketing is great. They usually have all the answers, but if they don't, they will always delve deeper and get you the answers.

    Feb 25, 2017


    best, best

    best, best, best, ....................................................................................................................

    Feb 23, 2017



    Great help! Gave me some good suggestion regarding our website which I plan to use. Will be calling them again if I need help.

    Nov 17, 2016


    Very helpful

    I had the pleasure of getting Graham on the phone who was beyond helpful! Needed some help with something on the website and got a call back from him. He went well above and beyond and sent me his email if I needed help with anything further. Helpful with linking the website to our social media accounts and updating what needed some updating.

    Nov 11, 2016


    eFlorist Support

    I recently wanted to add my own custom arrangement photos to our website but I was having difficulty doing so on my own so I emailed eFlorist my photos. I let them know which category I wanted the arrangements to be displayed in as well as the amount for each of the arrangements. Within hours, all of my custom arrangement photos were on our website and available for customers to order.

    Oct 27, 2016



    great service, very helpful, and answered all my questions in a very professional way.Thank you for all your help.

    Oct 26, 2016


    Greatest Marketing Team & Tools

    Everyone is very professional, accommodating and on spot. Looking out for what your needs are & helping to get you there according to your budget!!, Great quick & courtious support at all times! Thanks team for caring about our success & creating more business all the time!!

    Oct 13, 2016


    Completion of job

    This team is excellent, fast, courteous, empathy to customers requests. I have had excellent support for many years and this is what keeps the sharks out!

    Oct 7, 2016


    Teleflora eFlorist Assistance

    I am experiencing a really neat assist from your Mr. John Cooper with Teleflora eFlorist. I had several questions regarding the advertising program for our Business (The Blossom Shop-In Morristown, Tennessee). John is working with me to improve our overall presence to our client base (both new and future). I am very impressed with his knowledge and his human relations. He certainly is a valuable asset to Teleflora's eFlorist. Don Baldus-Owner

    Sep 25, 2016



    Emily was very helpful & patient with me in explaining the different things that she could help with our marketing preparation for the holidays & everyday. She told me of many ways that I & she can do to make our website more up to date & eye catching. Thanks Emily

    Sep 21, 2016


    Excellent eflorist service

    Everyone I have worked with at eflorist has been a tremendous help both in my understanding of my site and its potential as well as going the extra mile to take care of things for me.

    Sep 20, 2016



    J. Cooper was very helpful and patient. I am not very technical and there were many things I was not aware of that could be hurting my business profile online. He helped clear up some of the confusion I had in regards to having an online presence. I am grateful for his assistance. Thanks J. Cooper

    Sep 13, 2016



    Jennifer went above and beyond with my marketing questions regarding the data on the provided reports in e-Sat. She emailed me directly with other suggestions and pricing for services I wasn['t aware were available. I will be contacting her again I am sure. Excellent Service

    Jun 29, 2016



    Today I work with this wonderful girl she was Amazing in helping me in market my new business, All about flowers by mirthas, she was incredible with her knowledge she was so good that I even invited her for dinner when she visit Florida, I hope she can forgive me for not remembering her name, she really is a great asset to the eflorist marketing support and I want to thank her and the team she represents!! & I hope who ever read this find out who she is and let her know

    Jun 28, 2016


    Online Search Marketing

    John was very helpful with my questions concerning the online search marketing. I have subscribed to this for quite a while and just needed some questions answered.

    Jun 8, 2016


    Good Suggestions

    John was patient and gave me useful information that I am going to implement. Thank you. The error message is stating that I must make this longer.

    May 29, 2016


    Great Service

    Graham was very helpful. He knew how important my issue was to me. He is currently working towards a resolve. Google can be so confusing and you need a good IT person to take care of things. Appreciate all the help. Barbara

    May 12, 2016


    great service

    Emily is a delight to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Emily explains things very well, so that the layman can understand the concepts she is trying to convey. Her insights and suggestions are very very helpful. She is a tremendous asset to Teleflora

    Feb 29, 2016


    Vice President

    Emily was very helpful with our website and google analytics. We now have a direction and game plan going forward. Very responsive to all our questions.

    Feb 23, 2016


    Meta Tags

    Generally pleased with the support, but frustrated that SEO is as much a guessing game as a science. You can feed the Google, but it might not take the bait. Glad to see that I'm getting this service as a benefit of my Teleflora membership.

    Feb 18, 2016


    John Cooper is the bee's knees

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support John has given me. We wanted to present our florist in the best possible light to prospective clients for Valentine's Day and John went above and beyond his responsibilities of marketing support to help us. He used his technical prowess to help me connect our custom Valentine’s Day category with the banner on both my main and mobile websites. He advised me on SEO and Facebook links to our URL. Thank you John and laissez les bon temps rouler!

    Feb 16, 2016


    great help and service

    Emily was such a big help with regard to my marketing . She carefully explained to me what would work best and gave me many options that i was not aware of. It is nice to have a conversation with someone who can pinpoint your needs. Thanks again emily for all your help

    Feb 5, 2016


    good guidance---

    Jacob was easy to talk to and most patient. He gave us some suggestion for our Social Media listings and also the visual look of our eflorist site. The assistance was so quick and we put it to good use right away....!

    Jan 29, 2016


    Knowlegable & Helpful

    John was honest about the current performance of our site. This really disappointed and annoyed me but he was very patient and he made some recommendation which made me more annoyed. However, he explained the basics I did not even know and gave me some suggestions and at the end he even gave me some confidence to challenge and make it better. Thank you, John.

    Jan 28, 2016


    Great insight

    I am so pleased to have someone so knowledgeable on my side! We, as florist need all the help to stay competitive.

    Jan 25, 2016



    Some of the results were evident within 24hrs of Teleflora making some changes to my MetaTag, and Meta Description. Seems that Google is still a mystery as to what they want to "read" from the site. Will keep working at it.

    Jan 19, 2016


    very helpful

    The marketing rep I spoke with was extremely helpful to me, both to my understanding of how to use the website to my advantage and giving me new ideas to implement to help drive more traffic to my site and repeat business. She was patient and thoughtful.

    Jan 12, 2016


    Per Marketing Meeting Nov 30th

    I actually didn't expect this to be a 'good' meeting but I was very pleasantly surprised. I met with Emily who was very friendly and helpful. I'm confident we'll achieve our goals for our customer.

    Dec 1, 2015


    Good knowledgeable advice

    Emily did a great job on advising me on changes I could make to enhance my SEO. She was friendly and efficient in making changes for us. Thanks!!

    Nov 18, 2015



    Él me ayudó a entender la importancia de las descripciones de los productos de calidad en los dos idiomas.

    Nov 17, 2015


    SEO advice

    very helpful service, John immediately understood what I was calling about and suggested improvements having already taken the time to look at my site! thanks

    Aug 29, 2015



    So grateful for the wonderful help in sitting up a Facebook page and adding pictures to our Teleflora website. Thank you for such professional and friendly staff. He was so knowledgeable and helpful, thank you again for the great service. We are so impressed and pleased with our Teleflora hosted site!!

    Aug 10, 2015


    So far so good...

    We are not finished with what needs to be done. Emily will be calling back after giving Google Plus a few days to catch up with some changes. So far she has been very helpful and knowledgeable.

    Aug 8, 2015


    always great service

    All your representatives in the domestic offices are terrific. They are extremely knowledgeable and if they don't have an answer, they will get them. I have told my florist friends that they are missing an opportunity when they don't have a Teleflora hosted site. They don't realize how important the back end support is.

    Jul 31, 2015

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