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  • Lesson 6: Additional Tips About Using Color

    • color anal bgThe eye literally "sees" warm colors more readily than cool ones. Warm colors are red, orange and yellow.  
    • Light/cool colors expand space. Dark/warm colors compress space. That's why a figure appears slimmer in a dark color than in a light color.  
    • You can change how a room feels by painting one wall a deeper color than the other three.  
    • The most powerful colors are navy blue, charcoal, gray, deep purple, forest green, maroon, and burgundy. Black is by far the most imposing color.  
    • Color preferences are as individual as personality. While some studies maintain women are more sensitive to color than men, today's artistic personalities of both genders tend to be highly influenced by color shifts and changes. 
    • Color trends. Which colors are in – which colors are out. The Color Marketing Group (CMG), an association of 1,700 color designers, annually forecasts color direction. Fashion, home décor and accessory designers use these forecasts as they create new consumer products. As a floral designer, you can learn about new color trends and how to translate these trends into your floral designs by reading FLOWERS&® magazine. 

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