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  •  Lesson 7: Expressing Emotion with Color

    1. Traditional
    With a definite conservative attitude, this theme captures a sense of history and ancestry.

    Key Colors: Blue, burgundy, tan, hunter green and gold.

    Effect: Effective, refined, classic, rich, prestigious, valuable and practical.

    color emotion traditional

    2. Trendy
    Capturing the spirit of youthful exuberance.

    Key Colors: Chartreuse, plum and bright pink.

    Effect: Spontaneous, optimistic, happy, unexpected, not predictable, wild.

     color emotion trendy

    3. Earthy
    A sturdy in natural textures and earth-rich hues.

    Key Colors: Terra cotta, red-orange and yellow-orange.

    Effect: Wholesome, clean, welcoming, friendly, country living, leisure activity. 

     color emotion earthy
    4. Tropical
    Combining a variety of natural elements to create a serene feeling.

    Key Colors: Turquoise, green, coral and red-orange.

    Effect: Serenity, peace and quite, relaxation, communing with nature.

    color emotion tropical
    5. Subdued
    Very little contrast between the elements of a space so they tend to blend into each other.

    Key Colors: Mauve, magenta, grayed-blues and grayed-greens.

    Effect: Soft yet colorful hues, much like a sunset at the end of the day. The hues are relaxing and peaceful.

    color emotion subdued
    6. Energetic
    Constant motion created by electric colors. The combination that never rests.

    Key Colors: Primary yellow, red and blue.

    Effect: Activity, high energy and fun. Loud and full of motion.  

    color emotion energetic
    7. Romantic
    A dreamy combination of soft colors which seem to make you fall in love.

    Key Colors: Pastel pink, lavender and peach.

    Effect: Sweet, tender, inviting, nostalgic, dreamy and delicate    

    color emotion romantic
    8. Professional
    A no-nonsense, "let's get to work" combination that conveys a serious, service-based attitude.

    Key Colors: Gray backgrounds, with accents of red, teal and orange.

    Effect: Enduring, mature, intense, active, classy, cool and service oriented.


    color emotion professional


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