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  • RTI Total Management - System Features


    Order Entry Manager
    • Cuts order entry time in half
    • Spell checks enclosure cards and recognizes abbreviations.
    • Helps your employees to upsell.
    • Automatically builds your customers database. 
    • Instantly approves credit card transactions and verifies addresses. 
    • Enables you to create your own "Preferred Florist Directory" - allowing you control who fulfills your customers’ orders.  

    Delivery Manager 

    • Increase delivery efficiency with custom zones. 
    • Automatically maps and prints point-to-point directions. 
    • Offers user-defined express delivery charges. 
    • Produces robust delivery analysis.

    Productivity Manager 

    • Racks employee's regular time and overtime on the clock, while letting you manage accrued vacation and sick time. 
    • Provides weekly time audits and pay period summary reports. 
    • Analyzes departmental productivity. 
    • Helps you plan for man-hours needed during regular and holiday weeks. 

    Marketing and Direct Mail Manager 

    • Presents your shop professionally. 
    • Enables you to grow and maintain customer relationships. 
    • Helps you promote your shop and targets customer segments by purchase patterns.
    • Lets you print customized letters, labels and even past-due notices. 

    Click here to view the complete instructions on the RTI Advanced Marketing Email Editor. 

    Accounting Manager 

    • Accounts receivable invoicing.
    • Aging account management. 
    • Robust sales analysis.

    Financial Manager 

    • Features Open Systems® retail-oriented accounting software - general ledger, accounts payable, bank reconciliation and payroll. 
    • Automatically posts transactions to facilitate timely and accurate financial statements.
    • Seamlessly interfaces with QuickBooks®. 

    Action Queue 

    • An effective tool for managing your business.
    • Monitor orders coming through your shop. 
    • Customize queue to work best for your specific business needs.

    Increase Revenue with these features in RTI 

    • Gift Cards
    • Add-on sales reminders within the program
    • Frequent Buyer 




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