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    All Teleflora florists receive a complimentary listing on, which includes:
    • Shop name, local phone number and address
    • If the shop is an eFlorist member, the listing will include a link directly to the eFlorist website

    You can also upgrade to a Platinum or Gold package to enhance your visibility on

    Gold package subscribers receive all of the elements of a complimentary listing, plus:

    • Premium placement over complimentary listings
    • Option to have a "Call Me Now" link, which gives your customers the opportunity to get in touch with you via telephone without either of you having to dial a number

    Platinum package subscribers receive all of the elements of a Gold listing, plus:

    • Premium placement over Gold and complimentary listings
    • Rotation on the homepage in the 'featured florist' section, which randomly displays three platinum level florists based on the web user's location
    • Option to include a tag line (1-2 lines that will display below the shop address)
    • "View Map" link - when clicked, a detailed map will appear in a pop-up to show the web user exactly where the shop is located
    • "Visit My Website" and "Call Me Now" buttons with rollover effects to increase click through
    • Listings that are highlighted with green boxes and a flower image

    To upgrade to a Platinum or Gold package, fill our our online form or call 800.333.0205 today!

    Pricing Gold Package Platinum Package
    12 month $19.99 $27.99
    6 month $22.99 $32.99
    Shop name x x
    Address x x
    URL x x
    Local phone number x x
    Toll-free phone number x x
    Store Hours x x
    Resident listing x x
    ASB listings 3 FREE 6 FREE
    Highlighted text $10/city included
    Click to Call $1.99/call $1.99/call

    *eFlorist members have URL included at no charge. All other non-Teleflora hosted websites $40 per month per City (excludes FTD hosted websites).

    Additional Services

    Also Served By (ASB): Additional listings are available in any town or city where other Teleflora shops are located for $5 per month per listing. Listings on are only available in areas where same-day delivery from your shop is available.

    Highlighted Listing: Includes a white background border with a flower, a mouseover pop-up with shop name, website address, up to three lines of type (40 characters each). 'Open and Delivering Sunday' and 'Phones Answered 24 Hours' included if codified for these products. Highlighted listing upgrade automatically included to any ASB in a Platinum package. Highlighted listings can be purchased for $10 per month per listing for ASB's within or incremental to a Gold package.

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