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  • Eagle POS System

    Teleflora’s Eagle Point-of-Sale System incorporates user feedback and is even more responsive to your needs.

    “Over the past two years, Eagle has helped me save money and I now have more time to interact with my customers. With minimal training, I found Eagle very easy to use; and the times I’ve had to call technical support, the technicians were easy to reach and extremely knowledgeable.”  - James Ballow, Nacogdoches Floral Company & Greenhouse, Nacogdoches, TX

    Here's why:

    • High-speed credit card processing
    • High-speed Dove Network®
    • eDirectory
    • It automates all your transactions and eliminates tedious paperwork
    • Robust marketing tools help you promote your shop and grow customer relationships 
    • Easy to learn, easy to use
    • Cutting-edge delivery management solution 
    • Enables you to brand your shop with a professional look
    • Adapts to your growth
    • Reconciles orders for you
    • Creates sales analysis reporting
    • Tracks employees’ time on the clock
    • On-site installation and training
    • The industry’s best technical support

    Get additional information about Eagle's features.

    To learn more about Eagle , please call 800.720.9407.


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