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    Flowers& Magazine 

    Don't worry—the print edition of Flowers& isn't going away!


    But we are now offering two kinds of digital issues:


    This is a FREE added bonus for subscribers to the print edition of Flowers&.
    Each month, the current issue of Flowers& is posted to the Flowers& website. Subscribers can access the digital issue by entering their email address, along with the universal password (“flowersand”). You choose what email address you would like to have linked to your subscription, and we’ll send an email to that address each month when the new issue is posted.
    If you are a subscriber and would like to have your email address added to the mailing list for monthly digital issues, please email us at:

    Be sure to include the following information: Teleflora member subscribers (billed through your clearinghouse), include your member number. All other subscribers, include the string of letters and numbers that is printed on the mailing label of your Flowers& issues. It appears above your name in the upper lefthand corner.


    Anyone can sign up to join our mailing list for FREE digital archive issues of Flowers& where we select the very best floral designs from past issues and present them to you in themed collections.

    To view the current "Best of Flowers&" digital archive issue, click on the issue cover.

    To sign up to receive emails when future digital archive issues are published (we'll send you an email with a link to the issue), write us at:

    It's that simple!

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