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  • Rise above the clutter.

    Reach premium floral buyers in a standout print environment.
    Where can you place an ad and be sure that it will be seen and noticed, again and again? You’re looking for a highly visual medium where your ad is surrounded by inspiring images that readers will want to share and revisit.

    If you’re not already familiar with Flowers&, take a look. You’ll immediately appreciate the qualities that make devoted fans of our readers: great photos and print quality at the service of useful, creative ideas. The presentation is clean and visually stimulating; the focus is on floral design and the latest floral products.

    Flowers& readers comprise a solid majority of the most successful florists in North America. Many are members of our parent company, Teleflora, the world’s leading flower delivery service. Our circulation also includes a number of growers, wholesalers, educators, event planners, and others in the floral industry who want to stay on top of trends in floral design and product news.

    We know from our readers that copies of Flowers& tend to be viewed multiple times, by more than one person. We know from our advertisers that Flowers& delivers solid sales leads.

    Looking for a marketing boost? Remember, you need to be seen to be heard. Join us!

    Take advantage of our web presence, too. 
    Florists who love Flowers& in print can also find us online. The Flowers& website offers even more content relating to professional floral design and to fresh-flower news: tips, teasers, and archived material, along with our comprehensive online Buyers’ Guide. The website includes links to advertisers in the current print edition. We also offer website-only banner ads!

    To learn more about advertising in Flowers&, call 800.421.4921. 

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