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  • eFlorist Program - Why Own a Website

    Why do I need a website? 

    A recent market research report by estimates that the online floral market will grow by 21% this year, which is considerably higher than the floral industry as a whole. Owning and promoting your website is critical to capturing your share of the millions of dollars that will be spent online on flowers each year.

    Key benefits of having a website: 

    • Get more orders  - your online shop is open for business 24 hours a day.
    • 100% orders  - orders placed on your eFlorist website are all yours.
    • Gain a competitive edge  - if your competitors don’t have ecommerce websites, you’ll be a giant leap ahead of them. And if they do have websites, you need to provide your customers with convenient online shopping options so they don’t buy from your competition.
    • Attract new customers  - as more flower buyers shop online, your website acts as an active lead-generator to capture their business.
    • Please your current customers  - they want the convenience of ordering online too, and if you don’t offer it to them, they may end up buying from your competition. If you’re not online, you’re missing out on these potential sales.
    • Provide an online catalog  - customers can view your designs and call your shop to place an order. Our research shows that florists receive at least 2 phone or in-store orders for each online order.

    An eFlorist website gives you all this ... and more!   

    Click Next to discover the features and customizable elements that are available on eFlorist sites.

    To enroll in the eFlorist Program™, call 800.421.2815. In Canada, call 800.421.2815. 

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