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    Your site will include standard Teleflora FSG bouquets and add on options. We’ll also automatically include any Teleflora Keepsakes you purchase through the course of the year.

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    Development Fee of $495 charged if site is canceled within first 12-months of sign up; $99 US Monthly Fee; $3.45 per order Transaction Fee. Prices subject to change without notice.

    The following transaction fees apply: Dove Transmission, $3.45 per order; other order transmission, US $3.45 per order (if Dove cannot receive order); Online Credit Card Authorization (if applicable), US $0.25 per transaction; additional $2.00 fee per transaction for orders confirmed by fax or manual call-out. These charges will automatically be deducted from your clearinghouse statement. 

    The offers below are for a 12-month commitment. Following the offer period, the program continues for the duration of the contract at the then-current monthly fee.

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