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    To set up your eFlorist website, please complete the Enrollment Form below. 

    Note: You will be automatically opted in to Click to Call. The cost is $1.99 per connected call; there is no monthly fee. Please call eFlorist Support at 866.983.3932 to opt out at any time.

    If you have questions or need assistance, please call eFlorist Support at 866.983.3932.

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    If you have an existing URL, please enter it in the first text box. A redirect fee of $25 (US dollars) per domain name will apply. Please note that if you choose to redirect an existing URL, your current web page will be disabled and the eFlorist site will replace it. If you would like to keep your existing web page as it is, please notify your sales representative and Web Services before your eFlorist site is activated.  

    If you do not, please suggest three URLs for your eFlorist site. Once a single domain name has been registered for your website, you will be billed $35 (US dollars) per year for the registration/renewal of the URL.

    Please limit your URL to no more than 30 characters (including .com, .net, .biz, etc.).

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    If you have an existing URL, please fill out your username and password for your current site.

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    3. My FREE Email Addresses  
    Teleflora offers three free, private email accounts to all eFlorist members. We suggest that you use them to offer easy online communication for your customers. (Examples:, and You can also use them for more personal communication (Example: 
    I would like my email addresses to be:  
    1. Name   @ (your shop URL) & Password   
    2. Name   @ (your shop URL) & Password   
    3. Name   @ (your shop URL) & Password   
    4. Select a Design (one only). To view designs, click here.* 
    5. Select a Homepage Product Layout (choose one). To view designs, click here.* 
    6. Online Credit Card Authorization (choose one)* 
    *Must be a member of Teleflora Creditline®. 
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    8. Product Pricing (choose one)* 
    Your site will include standard Teleflora FSG bouquets and add on options. We’ll also automatically include
    any Teleflora Keepsakes you purchase through the course of the year.

    9. Tax and Delivery Fee* 
    Sales Tax for my shop is   % (will be applied to all online transactions).
    My per order delivery fee is $.
    Charge tax on the delivery fee?  
    10. Optional program activation 
    Marketing Email Program: Send marketing emails to your customers promoting your shop. Your customers will NOT receive email messages from Teleflora unless they opt in to Teleflora's list on their own. You will be automatically opted in to this service unless you uncheck this box. You may opt out at any time in the future.
    Click to Call: You will be automatically opted in to this service unless you uncheck this box. You may opt out at any time in the future.   
    Loyalty Program: Reward customers with our frequent buyer program. Check this box to opt in to this FREE program.
    Yelp: Online co-op advertising - First 3 months free (Regular $29.99 per month)
    11. eFlorist Program Fees* 
    One-time Development Fee: $495.00 (waived).  Regular Monthly Fee: US $99.00 (prices subject to change without notice). $35 URL registration fee, renewed once a year. $25 URL redirect fee (one time only).

    The following transaction fees apply: Dove Transmission, $3.45 per order; other order transmission, US $3.45 per order (if Dove cannot receive order); Online Credit Card Authorization (if applicable), US $0.25 per transaction; additional $2.00 fee per transaction for orders confirmed by fax or manual call-out. These charges will automatically be deducted from your clearinghouse statement. 

    The offers below are for a 12-month commitment. Following the offer period, the program continues for the duration of the contract at the then current monthly fee.  



    Pay $10 per order, maximum $100 per month. No orders, no fees! After one (1) year, standard rates will apply ($99/month & $3.45/order). Get credits for claiming your online listings!

    Hosting fee waived for 9 months and $4.95 per order.

    Hosting fee 50% off for 12 months and $3.45 per order.

    Pay 10% of the order value per order placed on your eFlorist website. No orders, no fees! After two (2) years, standard rates will apply ($99/month and #3.45/order). Four (4) months of hosting fees (a total of$396) charged for early termination of this enrollment offer any time before the commitment ends. Note: This special offer requires an additional step. Click here for instructions.

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    If you have any additional comments or suggestions, enter them here. Also, if you have any notes on your URL preferences, please feel free to use this space to tell us what you’d like:


    eFlorist Terms of Use 
    I understand that my website will be constructed with the information and options shown on this page. I also understand that my membership is subject to the eFlorist Terms of Use. Please check the box in order to proceed with enrollment.  
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