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    Lesson 9: Test Your Floral Sympathy Knowledge

    Now that you've reviewed all the sessions in Floral Sympathy, it's time to test your knowledge. Simply point your cursor in the circle next to the right answer and click, we'll let you know how you're doing as you take the test.


    1. An "Inside Piece" is  
    2. Abbreviating card messages is appropriate. 
    3. The first stage of grief is anger.  
    4. Florists work a lot harder than funeral directors, so the funeral director should accommodate the florist's needs.  
    5. When selling a sympathy tribute, you should:  
    6. Sympathy cards should include the full name and address of the sender on the backside.  
     7. Cremations may include:  
     8. Your shop's sympathy consultant should have a thorough understanding of:  
     9. A set piece is:  
    10. To create a rapport, you should visit all your local funeral homes at least:  
    11. The first thing you should do every day when you open your shop to prepare for sympathy sales is:
    12. Offer this service to a Funeral Director who is handling a big funeral:  
    13. To help build your sympathy sales, your shop can put the following ideas into practice:  
    14. Respectful sympathy terminology includes the following terms:  
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