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  • Results of Floral Sympathy Knowledge Quiz 

    1. An "Inside Piece" is
    Answer: A general term used to describe smaller floral tributes placed inside the casket.


    2. Abbreviating card messages is appropriate.
    Answer: No. It can cause confusion and even embarrassment.


    3. The first stage of grief is anger.
    Answer: False. 


    4. Florists work a lot harder than funeral directors, so the funeral director should accommodate the florist's needs.
    Answer: False. 


    5. When selling a sympathy tribute, you should:
    Answer: Offer a range of prices explaining how a specific design can be scaled up or down to fit the needs of your customer. 


    6. Sympathy cards should include the full name and address of the sender on the backside.
    Answer: True 


    7. Cremations may include:
    Answer: All of the above


    8. Your shop's sympathy consultant should have a thorough understanding of:
    Answer: All of the above.


    9. A set piece is:
    Answer: A predetermined shape covered or accented in fresh flowers and/or foliages.


    10. To create a rapport, you should visit all your local funeral homes at least:
    Answer: Once a year.


    11. The first thing you should do every day when you open your shop to prepare for sympathy sales is:
    Answer: Clip obituaries from the local paper and post by the order desk.


    12. Offer this service to a Funeral Director who is handling a big funeral:
    Answer: Delivery van and helpers to move and setup floral tributes.


    13. To help build your sympathy sales, your shop can put the following ideas into practice:
    Answer: All of the above.


    14. Respectful sympathy terminology includes the following terms:
    Answer: Services, casket, funeral director, deceased, casket coach, cremains.


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