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  • Lesson 5: Developing a Rapport with Local Funeral Directors, Part 2

    Writing the Card

    • Handwritten cards – Be sure to write legibly and check for correct spelling.
    • Computer generated cards – Be sure to check for spelling errors. Enlarge the font (type) size to increase readability.
    • Place a brief description of the flowers on the back of the card. Example: Wreath of red carnations, or basket of pink roses.
    • Be sure to spell out the name of the flowers. This allows the family to complete their thank-you cards with accuracy. Otherwise, they may end up sending an embarrassing note that reads, "Thank you for the p.Delf, bov and alsts."
    • Include the sender's complete address on the back of the card to assist the family in acknowledging the sender's floral tributes.
    • Write the deceased's name on both the upper right hand corner of the card and on the delivery tag in case the funeral home has more than one service.
    • Do not use abbreviations when writing or addressing the card. It causes confusion and can even cause embarrassment. (Example: Do not abbreviate Funeral Home as Fun. Home.)

    Attaching the Card

    • Check with your local funeral directors to see how they prefer cards to be attached.
    • Consider using pins instead of hard-to-remove staples.
    • Place the card in a position on the tribute where it can easily be read and there is no danger of water spillage.


    • Make sure your delivery personnel are dressed professionally.
    • Call the funeral home to inform them of the number of deliveries you have and ask when they should be delivered.
    • If the funeral home requires delivery personnel to log-in their entry, be sure to have your driver sign-in.
    • During the winter's freezing temperatures, have your driver unwrap your designs inside the funeral home. As a courtesy to the director, remove all wrappings and dispose of them at the shop.
    • Remind your driver not to create excessive noise when delivering. In particular, no loud music or screeching tires.
    • Offer your delivery vehicles to funeral directors to assist them in moving large numbers of flowers to the service location.
    • Deliver the flowers at least 60 minutes prior to the announced visiting hours. Families usually arrive before the published time.

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