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  • Lesson 7: Regional Set Pieces – Broken Heart 

    sympathy heartSize: Heart forms are available in 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 24" or 30" diameters. 

    Base: Pre-made plastic foam heart forms are available from your local wholesaler. An alternate construction method is to cut two identical halves of the heart shape from a sheet of plastic foam and join them in the center.

    Flower and foliage application: The heart is edged with individual leaves. The leaves are greening-pinned to the plastic foam shape. A break or crack is created in the heart using a different variety of flowers than that covering the heart's surface. The jagged break is generally placed from the high left-hand side to the lower right.

    Finishing: The heart is mounted on an easel. The easel is covered with foliage, ribbon or mosses to coordinate with the piece.

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