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  • Lesson 5: Regional Set Pieces – Broken Wheel 

    Size: Broken wheel forms are available in 18", 20", 24" or 30" diameters. 

    sympathy wheelBase: Pre-made plastic foam bases are available from your local wholesaler. An alternate construction method is to use a wreath form with a section removed. Spokes and a hub are cut from plastic foam and added to the wreath form.

    Flower and foliage application: The edge of the round form is usually finished with foliage. (Galax or salal leaves are best.) The wheel is generally made of a single variety of flower, covering the circular form. The flowers can be secured with bank pins or attached with wood picks to the surface. The spokes are covered with flowers (different than the wheel), foliage or moss. The wheel's hub (center) is covered with the same flowers as the outer wheel and is sometimes accented with a cluster of roses.

    Finishing: The broken wheel is usually displayed on an easel. Be sure to use an easel proportionate to the size of the wheel. Often the easel is covered to match the set piece and to create a coordinated look.

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