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  • Lesson 2: Design Basics – Funeral Wreath 
    Here you'll find the first steps toward designing today's most popular sympathy tribute pieces. This is a great starting place for skilled designers learning tribute work.


    sympathy wreath3 

       Soak IGLU® Grande holder (available from Smithers-Oasis) in water. Remove leves from stems. Polish each leaf by wiping it on a soft cloth.

     sympathy wreath2

       Place the leaves on the wreath facing the same direction. Use greening pins and a glue gun set at a low temperature to secure the leaves to the wreath. Spot-tack the leaves, do not place glue over the entire back of the leaf. Regular hot melt glue should not be used, as the higher temperature will melt the foam wreath and damage the fresh leaves. Cover the entire wreath with leaves.

     sympathy wreath

       Place the wreath on the easel, securing with wire. Add the floral foam holder in the 7 o'clock position. Secure the foam holder to the wreath with wire. Tuck the ends of the wire into the wreath, as they could cut the hands of someone handling the design.


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