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  • Knowledge of Color Quiz Answers


    1. Complementary Color Harmonies use:
    Answer: Two colors that lie directly opposite one another on the color wheel.


    2. Value is:
    Answer: The lightness or darkness of hue.


    3. Texture influences how color is perceived by:
    Answer: The ability of the surface to absorb or reflect light rays, changing how color is perceived.


    4. Primary Colors are:
    Answer: Red, yellow and blue.


    5. The color wheel is:
    Answer: A graphic tool for understanding the relationship colors have with each other.


    6. Harmony is expressed by:
    Answer: Using a logical application of color.


    7. Violet, Yellow-Orange and Yellow-Green are examples of:
    Answer: Split Complementary Color Harmonies.


    8. Balance is created by:
    Answer: Using darker colors near the focal area to make the design more visually impressive.


    9. The most imposing color is:
    Answer: Black.


    8. A tone is:
    Answer: A fully saturated hue plus a value of gray.


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