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  • Lesson 4: The Color Wheel and Color Relationships

    The color wheel is a graphic tool for understanding the relationship colors have to each other. Essentially, a color wheel takes the colors of the spectrum and presents them in a circle to express color harmonies. A 12-hue color wheel is standard in the floral industry. Artists use 24-hue wheels for greater color understanding.

    small color wheel
    Related Harmonies

    color-monoMonochromatic Color Harmonies use only one hue in varying tints, tones and shades. 

    yellow-white tint  yellow pure yellow shade

    color-analogousAnalogous Color Harmonies use colors that are alongside each other on the color wheel forming a 90 angle. They literally flow into each other.

    yellow orange int orange pure red orange int

    Contrasted Harmonies

    color-complimentaryComplementary Color Harmonies are two colors that lie directly opposite one another on the color wheel. When complementary colors are placed next to one another, each appears more intense.

    orange big blue big 

    Split Complementary Color Harmonies use a hue from one side of the color wheel and the two colors that lie on either side of its direct opposite.

    violet sc yellow orange hue blue sc
    color-triadicTriadic Color Harmonies are three equidistant colors on the color wheel. 

    red orange left yellowgreen

    Tetradic Color Harmonies use two sets of complementary colors.

    orange & blue square  -  yellow & violet

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