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  • Should I have a written employee handbook?

    Flowers and Profits®

    Maybe not. It's important that each of your employees has a firm grasp on what policies and procedures you have for your shop. However, many florists have shied away from committing policy to writing because state courts have been treating policy statements that were meant to be guidelines as binding contracts between the company and employees.

    This is a good reason to avoid written handbooks. However, it is important to replace this communication tool with another method. Many shops brief employees verbally and ask them to take notes.

    If you use written guidelines, avoid making strong promises. Instead of saying the shop "will provide" or "will guarantee" something, soften the statement by adding a qualifying clause. Say, "the shop, whenever practical, will provide…"

    Avoid using the word "guarantee" completely. Steer clear of phrases like "permanent employee." This can lead to disputes upon termination of employment.

    Always include a disclaimer saying this is not a contract, that it is a guideline for the employee and is subject to modification at any time.

    Regularly review your handbook and eliminate outdated rules or add newly established policies. Always have a good labor attorney examine the document and any revisions you make.



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