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  • What's Your Learning Style?

    Flowers and Profits®

    Researchers have been looking into the subject of learning and memory for decades. Their work reveals that different people have different learning styles. Your learning type may never have been identified. But there are clues in your past and present that may help you discover your own learning style. If you can identify yourself in one of these three types, you can become a more efficient student.

    Listening Learners

    Think about the last party you attended. Can you remember the music? Any specific voices from the crowd? The sound of a clock on the mantle that chimed every half hour? The birds outside in the garden? If so, you probably learn best by hearing. A good technique for you is simply to read aloud. Alternately, close your eyes after reading a passage and summarize it aloud. This will greatly increase the amount of information retained.

    Visual Learners

    If the characteristics of hearing learners don't ring a bell, consider how well you remember seeing material. Does it help to take a long look at a brochure after seeing it for the first time?

    Visual learners are lucky because a great deal of reliance has been placed on the written word. If you are a visual learner, read, read, read — and then reread. And take notes — even if you lose them, the written image will stay in your mind. Looking at photographs connected with the subject you're studying can also help visual learners.

    Kinesthetic Learners

    Kinesthetic learners tend to go for physical interaction. They usually are avid note-takers. When being shown a new idea or skill, they can't wait to "get their hands on it." They often enjoy participating in the performing or fine arts and also may be athletic. These individuals need to take a "hands-on" approach. To memorize a new computer format, repeat it several times while entering it. Your fingers will help you remember the action they performed.

    When reading, sometimes just using your hand to follow the words can help. Some kinesthetic learners need to move around as they read.


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