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  • What About You?

    What do you do to charge your business batteries? Most of the time simply keeping up with your responsibilities is enough to energize anyone. However, if you feel depleted, there are plenty of creative ways to put a little zing back into your outlook. Here are a few you may want to consider:

    1. Develop a "round table" group of four or five people with whom you can openly discuss your ideas for your business.
    2. Work toward a better balance in your life: work, family, spiritual and recreational.
    3. Post pictures of your dreams and goals where you can see them at least once a day. They'll help you focus on what you want to accomplish.
    4. Learn how to get more out of each day by observing busy people.
    5. Break routines. For example, if you rarely work in the shop on Monday, offer to work one Monday a month so you can give yourself some variety.
    6. Place inspirational posters around the workplace.
    7. Take the guesswork and some of the anxiety out of your day be getting firm commitments from others by asking, "When can you deliver that to me?" or "Do I have your word on that?"


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