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  • Valentine's Day Wishes for the Media

    In a search for seasonal stories, reporters in many media outlets will be contacting retail florists for interviews in the days leading up to the Valentine's Day holiday.

    Unfortunately, every year some of the news stories take negative tones. Common questions include: "Why do roses cost so much for Valentine's Day?", or "How long will roses last?"

    Plan now to avoid any unwelcome publicity for the industry and your shop. Send out press releases to local news media about special holiday services you offer — well before the holiday arrives. This helps editors plan their articles in advance.

    Give reporters a great human-interest lead by sharing a story of how flowers brightened a customer's life. Or recap a particularly humorous Valentine's order or unusual delivery request. The media and public are sure to be interested.

    Your best bet is to preempt any negative articles with positive news. However, if you do get a call or surprise visit, make sure you answer the questions calmly and professionally — while setting the record straight.


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