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  • Telephone Listening Skills

    Customers want your exclusive attention while they are speaking to you on the phone. Listening shows respect and says that you care about what they are saying. Here are 9 ways you can improve your telephone listening skills:

    1. Say "I see," "Yes" or "Right" to indicate that you're actively listening.
    2. Ask guiding questions to learn more: "What color did you have in mind?"
    3. Don't talk with others while you're on the phone. If you must speak to another person, ask the caller if you can put them on hold.
    4. Don't rush the caller. Instead, ask if you can call back.
    5. Don't eat food or chew gum.
    6. Don't clean up your desk, wad up papers or make distracting noises.
    7. Take notes so you can confirm information such as the customer's name, preferences, etc.
    8. Don't get sidetracked: "That reminds me of the time when I…"
    9. Listen more than you talk.


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