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  • Telephone Effectiveness Test

    How often do you follow these good telephone practices? Most of the time? Some of the time? Seldom? Or never? Identify the areas where you think you could improve and make a plan to increase your telephone effectiveness.

    • I pick up the phone in two rings or less.
    • I ask permission to put callers on hold.
    • I keep people on hold for 30 seconds or less.
    • I use the caller's name.
    • I am respectful in words and tone of voice.
    • I take complete messages.
    • I return calls the same day.
    • I keep documentation handy for reference.
    • I avoid slang and jargon words.
    • I don't interrupt the caller.
    • I recap and confirm information.
    • I speak clearly and not too fast.
    • I always try to make callers feel comfortable.
    • I don't get defensive about problems.
    • I never appear rushed or anxious to callers.
    • I always offer an add-on sales idea.
    • I try to help callers before transferring them to someone else.


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