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  • Targeting Your Advertising

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    There are three types of people you will reach with your advertising: the general public, potential customers in your target market, and your present customers. Each one can bring new business, but at significantly different costs.

    If you go after the general public, you are fishing in a big pond. The odds of getting new customers are small, and therefore the cost is high.

    Spending your budget to reach potential customers in your target market makes a lot more sense. They fit your customer profile and you know you offer products and services that provide the benefits they want.

    However, spending money on your present customers will bring the best results - more sales at a lower cost. In addition, you will make good customers even better customers.

    To translate into advertising dollars: spend no more than 10 percent on advertising to the general public. Thirty percent should go toward potential customers in your target market. The bulk, 60 percent, should be aimed at your present customers.


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