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  • Seven Steps for Setting Goals

    The Retail Florist

    Emp PRomoChances are you made a few resolutions on January 1 to improve your business. Trouble is, New Year's resolutions are often forgotten by January 2 as the pressures of daily business life begin to occupy your time.

    How can you do better? It's a mistake to forget those goals, because they keep you focused and on track to achieving the personal and business success you want, according to sales and marketing expert Zig Ziglar.

    And he can prove it. David Jensen did a study at UCLA of people who come to hear Ziglar speak at public seminars. These people come from all walks of life and all professions, from doctors to truck drivers.

    Jensen found that people who had a goals program earned more money, were happier and healthier, and got along better with other people.

    "And here's why: People who know where they're going and have a plan of action to get there don't sweat the small stuff," Ziglar said.

    Ziglar offered the following seven steps for setting goals. No matter whether your goals are physical, mental, spiritual, personal, business, social, or financial, the steps are reasonable, attainable and rewarding.

    1. Identify the goals. "Make a list of everything you want to be, do or have," Ziglar advises. "Articulate these goals in one sentence. Then wait 24 - 48 hours and ask yourself why you want to achieve them."The goals should be specific and on-going," he adds. "They can relate to personal growth, physical conditioning, education and so on. They can be long-range, or daily and small. But before setting them, ask yourself whether you can emotionally commit yourself to reaching the goal; whether you can see yourself reaching the goal."
    2. List the benefits - what's in it for me? Ask yourself: "If I reach all the goals and objectives on my list, will I be happier, healthier, more prosperous, more secure, and will I have more friends, greater peace of mind, better family relationships, and more hope for the future?" If so, those are the right goals for you, Ziglar says.
    3. List the obstacles to overcome. Do you need more education to achieve your goals? More personal time? More resources? Identify those requirements before you set your goals?
    4. Identify the people and groups with whom to work. People from all walks of life (including business people, political leaders and even the clergy) and organizations (such as the local Chamber of Commerce) have the experience and knowledge that you may now lack. Seek out these people and join these groups to learn and to grow.
    5. List the skills and knowledge required. Then go after them by taking courses and by participating in business groups and continuing education classes.
    6. Develop a plan of action. "Tomorrow is the greatest labor-saving device in the history of man," Ziglar says. "But people who move up deal with the tough issues first. Do it now, and tomorrow will be easier."
    7. Give yourself a deadline for achievement. "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great," Ziglar stresses.

    Once you have set your goals, it's important to have a positive attitude to reach them. "Tell yourself, 'I am competent in what I do, and have all the energy I need to consistently perform in my personal, family and business life,'" Ziglar says. "The right attitude and specific skills will enable you to achieve complete success."


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