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    When it comes to time spent on advertising particulars, nothing can match logos and slogans. As soon as a company is bought, the new owners almost always want to change them.

    It's understandable. The logo and slogan present an image to the community. It's important that the message be the right one.

    If you're thinking about creating or changing your slogan, there are several guidelines you should follow to keep on the right track.

    1. Slogans describe who you are.

    Some people refer to them as miniature vision statements. They should tell the reader, in a few words, the most important aspect of your business.

    Most vision statements address the purpose of the business, how the business operates, or its identity. The best ones touch on more than one of these areas.

    Fly the friendly skies® is a good example. United Airlines is telling you both the purpose of their business and how they go about it.

    Consider your customers. Why do they buy your products? Whom do you want to attract?

    Another great slogan comes from Nike - Just do it.® Nike is trying to portray a can-do image, both about how they are as a company and how they want their customers to behave.

    Your slogan may be about flowers or it may be about another part of your service that is most important to your customers.

    2. Create slogans in-house.

    You might think the best place to go for a slogan is a professional advertising agency. Think again.

    The slogan needs to catch the essence and the spirit of what you are doing. Only someone who works in your shop will really understand what the business is like. The best slogans come from the people who are delivering your service or product every day.

    3. Test the negative.

    Some slogans appear great, but suddenly they turn around and bite you. When you think you've found just the right phrase, brainstorm on all the ways it could be turned against you by someone, such as a competitor or dissatisfied customer.

    Although anything can be turned into a negative of some kind, just make sure you haven't overlooked an obvious misinterpretation.

    4. Be brief.

    Shorter is better. The less it has to it, the easier your slogan is for customers to remember.



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