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  • Selling and Satisfying Customers

    The success of any business is rooted in the practice of satisfying customers' needs. In the floral industry, customer satisfaction means making your customers feel good about their decision to give flowers as a gift.

    The flowers should be the freshest available, creatively designed, delivered at the requested time, sent with the correct greeting card information, and they should be long lasting. This task doesn't sound too difficult.

    But remember, you're dealing with the emotional side of your customers' lives. Mix emotion with the beauty and fragile essence of your product and you have a volatile situation on your hands.

    Customers at times may seem unreasonable. Put yourself in their shoes. What do you expect when you're making a purchase?

    You expect to receive full value for your money. You want your flowers delivered at the appointed time. You want to feel like you've done something special. You want to feel like a hero. Your customers expect the same.

    Good customer service begins with honesty. Give your customers the best product and attention that you can possibly give.

    Giving your best means (1) doing what you say you will do, (2) making a fresh arrangement that will last a long time, (3) designing the piece creatively to convey the intended emotional message of the gift, (4) making sure that the flowers are delivered to the appropriate place at the right time, (5) filling out the greeting card information correctly, and (6) efficiently handling the billing portion of the sale.

    Quickly inform your customer about any challenges that you run into when trying to fulfill an order. Frankness and honesty proves you care for, and have respect for, your customer. Your reward for such good customer service is repeat business.

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