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  • Ready for Valentine's Day?

    Sign Up Your Best Customers First

    It's easier to sell to a customer you already have than it is to find a new one.

    End every sale with a reminder that Valentine's Day is coming up. Send a direct mail piece or make calls to your best customers and past Valentine's Day purchasers, informing them of your extra hours, special offers and unique Valentine's Day services.

    Encourage Early Birds

    Offer money off, a free balloon or some other goodie for orders placed before an early deadline you've set. Not only will you be saving time during the hectic days before the holiday, but your customers will appreciate the extra goodie you've thrown in.

    Catch Stragglers

    Use the days remaining before February 14, and the day itself, to attract last-minute buyers. If there's plenty of foot or drive-by traffic at your shop, print banners about your best special. If there's money for advertising, place a newspaper ad or run a radio commercial or cable television ad on or before the big day.

    In addition, offer a wide variety of arrangements and green plants to help stragglers make quick decisions.


    Think of all the ways you can encourage add-on sales. Suppose your Valentine's Day special is cash-and-carry roses. When someone comes in to take advantage of the special, be ready with a menu of options. Offer printed cellophane wrap, instead of tissue, for an extra amount. Or say that for $X more you can "throw in" a box or a vase.

    Mention how nice baby's breath, greenery or another flower would look with the roses (and charge for it). Ask if the recipient has a vase to put the flowers in. If not, volunteer to put together a vase arrangement for just a little bit more. A few suggestions could turn a $29.95 sale into something much more profitable. And your customers will appreciate your suggestions.

    Be Prepared

    The secret to a successful Valentine's Day is simply to think smart and be prepared.


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