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  • How can I test prospective employees on service skills?

    Flowers and Profits®

    One of the most effective techniques is to use a role-playing exercise. Have the prospective employee act out the role of manager while you take the position of the customer. You might run through two or three scenarios, such as complaints, special requests and hidden needs.

    Lodge your complaint as a typical customer would and see how the candidate reacts. Score each candidate.

    Experiment with different approaches. For example, you could give a fairly long-winded explanation in order to gauge whether they're willing to let the customer talk without interruption.

    Generally, the more questions they ask, and the more they listen, the better. Have them take action in each scenario. After a few instances, you'll have a pretty good idea of their abilities.

    This approach may be a little awkward at first, but it is an effective way to determine a candidate's ability to represent your business.



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