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    Making A Difference Rich Salvaggio 

    Teleflora is committed to providing the most current and up-to-date educational information to our members and to the floral industry.

    The Industry Relations department offers over 125 programs a year. Sponsored by our Units, these educational events are based on design, business and technology and are held throughout the country, available to Teleflora and non-Teleflora florists. The cost is minimal and we provide a team of the very best educators in the industry.

    In addition to education, the Units Program also provides benevolent opportunities for the industry. The largest coordinated effort each year is the Make Someone Smile® Week. This program has become a very important part of the Units Program throughout the United States. To make this program work, Teleflora donates the quantity of Be Happy® mugs needed to create the arrangements. The board members and florist volunteers request fresh flower donations from growers and wholesalers. Then, the boards and volunteers get together to design all the arrangements that will be delivered.

    When asked why we spearhead such a project, the answer is apparent in the following quote from J. Scott Hasty AIFD, a past president of the Lone Star Unit: "When a little lady tells me she has not received flowers since her wedding day as I hand her a Be Happy® mug and a tear drops from her eye, I am reminded of the reason that I am in this business."

    Get involved with your local unit and become part of this very successful benevolent project. Call your local unit president or contact Industry Relations at 800-321-2654, extension 3735 to find out how you can participate.

    Help make a difference by sharing the beauty and emotion of flowers.


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