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  • Horn Blowers
    by Garrett Anderson, Piccolo's Florist and Gifts, Omaha, NE

    Like most people, Garrett Anderson doesn't particularly enjoy paying his bills, but during one such session, he happened upon a great marketing idea.

    Noticing that an advertisement for the utility company was included in the bill, Garrett realized that this was the case with almost all bills he received. Seeing the benefits in this, he decided to send an advertisement for his shop with every arrangement that left Piccolo's.

    "We can blow our own horn by incorporating an advertising message in our bouquets. After all, every recipient is a potential customer," he explained.

    The ad can be something as simple as attaching a business card, or it can be more sophisticated such as magnets or coupons featuring specials and/or discounts on certain products. Depending on the season, Piccolo's includes a mini-selection guide of products, inserts promoting holiday items or monthly calendars.

    Discretion is necessary with the promotional items. While sympathy flowers and deliveries to hospitals are not candidates for this type of advertising, occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries are perfect.

    "The best part about our bouquet messages is that the delivery is free," Garrett said.

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