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  • Effective Direct Mail and Advertising Copy

    Writing effective advertising copy takes more effort than composing a memo or letter. Your ad must not only convey information, but it must also be compelling - making the readers want to take you up on your services or special offer. In addition, advertising space is expensive, so you need to keep your message as short as possible. Here are some tips for meeting these stringent requirements:

    Make sure your message is clear:

    • Use simple language
    • Avoid jargon and bureaucratic phrases
    • Organize your thoughts logically
    • Use subtitles to guide your reader through multiple topics
    • Use examples and anecdotes to clarify what you mean
    • Use illustrations, photos, graphs or charts to simplify your message

    Keep your ad short:

    • Be brief
    • Use short words
    • Use short sentences
    • Use short paragraphs
    • Eliminate windy phrases
    • Stick to the point
    • Don't repeat yourself
    • Don't waste words telling your readers what they already know

    Make sure your ad is correct:

    • Check your facts, figures and dates
    • Check your grammar, spelling and punctuation
    • Use words correctly
    • Don't over generalize or exaggerate

    Don't leave something important out:

    • Tell your readers why you are writing to them
    • Tell your readers what you want from them
    • Be specific
    • Provide all of the facts: who, what, where, when, why, how and how much

    Keep your ad conversational:

    • Relax and be natural
    • Use everyday vocabulary
    • Be sincere
    • Sound positive and upbeat, but don't try to be cute
    • Read your ad out loud to make sure it "sounds" like you talk


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