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  • Defusing Angry Customers

    Even the most customer-focused flower shop will encounter unhappy customers from time to time. Perhaps an order was delivered later than expected. Or maybe the customer was put on-hold too long when placing an order. Whatever the reason, do all you can to turn unhappy customers into loyal, satisfied customers. Train your staff to use the following techniques when they field phone calls from angry customers.

    Say your name. Be sure to provide your name to the customer. This is helpful if the customer has follow-up questions or is disconnected during the call. Providing your name also reinforces that you are taking a personal interest in solving the customer's problem.

    Remain pleasant. It's important to stay upbeat and positive, no matter how negative the complaint. Be sure to let customers know you understand their frustration by saying, "I can understand that the late delivery was a problem. Here's what I can do to make it up to you."

    Lend a helping hand. If the employee answering the phone doesn't know how to answer the customer's complaint, have him find someone who does. Instead of saying, "I don't know anything about that," try, "I'll find out and give you a call right back."

    Surpass expectations. The best way to defuse customers' anger is to offer a solution to the problem. To exceed their expectations and improve your relationship with customers, offer something above and beyond what they requested. If an arrangement lasted for less time than the customer expected, offer to replace it. As an added bonus, give the customer a discount on his or her next order.

    Follow up. Be sure to follow up with any customers who had complaints. After the problem has been resolved, it's a good idea to check in one more time to make sure everything exceeds their expectations.


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