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  • What It Takes! Six Characteristics of Successful Businesses

    Are you ready to expand your customer base and show greater profits? Follow these six practices common among successful companies:

    1. Communicate with Customers.

    Successful businesses listen to their customers. They talk to customers who come by and call on customers they haven't seen for awhile.

    Basically, they do whatever it takes to learn customer needs and desires so they can fulfill them.

    2. Let Employees Make Decisions.

    Employees in constant contact with customers need to be able to resolve problems and make common decisions.

    Although this will involve some training, it will save you time and errors in the long run.

    3. Make It Easy.

    Identify and eliminate any barriers to doing business with you. This includes problems with your location, hours of operation, number of phone lines, store layout… every aspect of operations.

    4. Adopt a "Customers First" Attitude.

    All employees, from the owner/manager down, must show a commitment to making customers the top priority in your business.

    5. Organize Around Customers.

    Examine your systems, procedures, and policies to make sure they meet customer needs, and not just your own.

    6. Constantly Improve.

    No matter how good business gets, always look for a way to make things better.


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