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  • Quick Care and Handling Guide, Part 3
    By Bill McKinley, AIFD


    Extra Tips

    Mark storage buckets for a predetermined amount of water, then add the correct amount of floral food to attain the proper concentration.

    Monitor the floral refrigerator for large temperature fluctuations. Check first thing in the morning to determine overnight temperature. A high/low thermometer, which records high and low temperatures over time, is recommended.

    To promote proper care by the consumer, provide floral food packets with all fresh-flower purchases along with care and handling information.

    Disinfect storage buckets with household bleach or commercial bucket cleaner weekly and wash buckets thoroughly prior to each use.

    Always soak floral foam in fresh floral-food solution. Never push floral foam under water to expedite soaking; let it soak down at its own rate.

    The care and handling information presented here was compiled for the Flower and Plant Care Manual by George Staby, published by the Society of American Florists (800.336.4743) and from The Cut Flower Companion by William J. McKinley, Jr., Interstate Publishers (800.843.4774).


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