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    Gerald Tuley, Tobler's Flowers, Kansas City, Mo.

    Navigational skills are a must if you're interested in joining the delivery team at Tobler's Flowers. Tobler's could be considered the delivery experts of Kansas City. That's because the 8-store operation owns the delivery pool that covers 5 counties and is contracted by 55 other florists.

    Gerald pinpointed one main prerequisite for delivery people. "They have to be able to read a map," he said. He admitted this is simplistic advice, "but you'd be surprised how many people apply for a delivery position, and they can't find their way across town."

    Gerald tests delivery applicants by giving them three or four addresses and a city map. He times them to see how long they take to get to each address and back to the shop. They may be a little slower than his long-time employees, but their use of the map is key.

    Another important factor in his hiring decision is the applicant's driving experience. Gerald tries not to hire anyone under the age of 21.

    "Any younger than that, and I don't believe they are experienced enough at driving," he explained.

    Once they're hired, trained and doing a great job, Gerald said he doesn't forget to applaud their extra efforts, such as when they meet a tight delivery time or take last minute deliveries on their way home from work in their own cars. He rewards them by buying them lunch or giving them gifts, such as movie passes.



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