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  • Does Your Business Card Fit Your Image?

    Have you taken a careful look at your business card lately? What does it say about your shop? Is it memorable for the right reasons?

    If you are using jazzy, rainbow-colored letters or small, cramped fonts consider a redesign. These are difficult for middle-aged and older people (most of your customers) to read. If you can't understand it at a glance, it's too difficult to read.

    How's your message? State your business name in a no-nonsense fashion. Make sure your card accurately and instantly reflects the nature of your business and something that sets you apart from the crowd. (Example: "In Style Florists — Wedding and Party Specialists.")

    Always use your shop's logo. Be sure the logo reflects your business and is easy to recognize. A picture of a lion in conjunction with "Lyon's Florist" might be cute, but what does it have to do with flowers? Someone glancing at the card won't immediately understand that this is a flower shop, not a zoo or wildlife sanctuary.

    Leave off business designations such as Inc., LLC, Co., and Associates. They mean something to you, but little or nothing to your customers. Instead, use association logos, such as Society of American Florists or Teleflora, to show that you are well connected and meet high standards.

    Examine your card stock. Paper stock that is too flimsy leaves an impression of instability. Spend the extra money for good, heavy paper.

    Your business card is one of the most visible representatives of your business. Take extra care to ensure it's projecting the right image.

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