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  • Bag Some Exposure

    Have you ever made a purchase from an upscale department or specialty store and saved the bag for future use? If you haven't, you've certainly seen others do this.

    People who reuse bags value being associated with the logo and the advertising it provides, besides the bag's practical uses. Whether it's Tiffany or Saks Fifth Avenue, the marketers responsible for promoting the image of these stores know the value of providing their customers with reusable bags.

    If your shop caters to upscale clientele, you may want to consider using reusable bags to promote your business. Though expensive, these specialty items should not be compared to the cost of regular shopping bags; rather, they should be seen as an advertising expense.

    Consider using your logo on seasonal containers. Offer brides a free photo album with your shop's name and logo on the inside cover. Deliver arrangements with high-quality, printed enclosure cards with the shop's logo on them.


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